Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival

At least I think this is the first post in this blog. This blog was originally posted on my old, old website. The blog is circa 2006, but the website was much older. I have moved the entire thing to a new website host and taken this blog out of blogging format and turned it into a series of webpages. I tried to remove or replace all of the old blogging-style codes but some weird characters may show up now and then. For that I apologize. My knowlege of global search and replace with escape characters and complicated wildcard characters in Dreamweaver is not expert level. Click on the brown alpaca image at bottom to go to the next post.

So the Festival was, as always, thrilling, wonderful, exciting but also exhausting and a little stressful. Sold lot’s of sweaters and yarn and stuff, took a great class by Ann Feitelson in Fair Isle Knitting and, for once, was NOT the dumbest one in the class. My snowflake pattern actually appeared AND I cut my Steek and did a 3 needle bind off which actually worked! Huh! The usual suspects were in the class with me, my friends, Roseann, (teaches knitting at Springwater Fiber in VA), Toni Minkel (teaches knitting in Mount Airy), Paula & Susan from West Virginia and also Kathy from Needles Hooks and Books in Mount Airy.

Junior Hand Spinner’s contest was great. We had some amazing little spinners – see photo

– and Tom (the Cuban ball and chain) did the Friday Night Vendor dinner along with his own personal “Mini Me” our son Nick.… Read more