Alpaca Fun – Kids

Hey alpaca lovers! Below is a picture of a young alpaca for you to color, a quiz on alpaca facts and an alpaca Word Find. Print these pages out and try all three. (The flying alpaca photo should print out on a separate page depending on your printer.) Think you can draw an alpaca? If you draw one on your computer’s paint program and e-mail it to me as an attachment along with your name and age, I’ll put it up on this web page.

by Amanda Dunnie New Market Elementary School

Want to know more? Take the alpaca quiz. Answers are below.

  1.    1. Alpacas come from the same family as: Giraffes, Camels, Sheep
  2.    2. Alpacas are bred for: Wool, Riding, Meat
  3.    3. Alpacas come from: Egypt, China, South America
  4.    4. Alpacas carry their babies for: 2 months, 6 months, 11 months
  5.    5. A mother alpaca is called a: Dam, Mom, Mare
  6.    6. A father alpaca is called a: Dad, Stud, Sire
  7.    7. A baby alpaca is called a: Cub, Cria, Fawn
  8.    8. When they are mad or scared alpacas sometimes: Bite, Spit, Shriek
  9.    9. Alpacas were carefully bred by the: Mandarins, Incas, Egyptians
  10.    10. Alpacas are about half the size of a: Llama, Sheep, Goat
  11.    11. Alpacas are closely related to the: Sheep, Giraffe, Llama
  12.    12. Which of these is not a type of alpaca: Huacaya, Churro, Suri
  13.    13. Alpacas eat: Grass, Hay, Oats

Alpaca Word Find

Answers to quiz:
1.b, 2.a, 3.c, 4.c, 5.a, 6.c, 7.b, 8. b or c, 9.b, 10.a, 11.c, 12.b, 13. all 3

Can alpacas really fly? Well, not really, but sometimes the white ones remind me of fluffy little angels.