Alpaca Cria Babies

Well my boy Valentino has a new cria ( alpaca baby ) on the ground as of about 9:30 this morning – Go Valentino – you are the man! The dam, Sable, belongs to my friend Helen from Red Barn Alpacas in Sykesville and she was kind enough to send me a photo right away. I HATE it when people buy alpacas or breedings and turn out not to be the type who can figure out how to e-mail a photo of the new baby! so Thank God Helen is not one of those because I do need photos of all of my “grandchildren” as soon as possible.

Sable, was a little bratty during the breeding last year and decided that she was going to go down for Valentino then breed for 10 minutes or so and then just went, “oops I did it again” and decided she didn’t want to finish breeding after all, she then jumped up and said Hey, Let’s just be friends.” Val went bonkers and I was trying to boot him out of her pen but he wasn’t budging so I tried to let Sable out instead. She wouldn’t leave either! Meanwhile, another male, Campion, got in and then, while both guys were in there, Little Ms. Sable decided, “Hey, maybe I DO want to be bred after all.” or maybe she’s just into weird stuff but, she cushed back down instead of leaving the pen and acted ready to breed again.

Campion tried to jump right on her and HE WASN’T THE ONE WHO WAS SUPPOSED TO HAVE THE JOB!!!! So I dove onto her first before he could get in there and found myself trapped between the two of them like the meat in a sandwich. I had to do a desperate and very humiliating half wiggle, half swimming thing to get out from between them and it hurt my elbow too and my mouth was full of rock sand bedding. This is the only time I’ve ever gotten hurt during a breeding even if it was mostly my pride, but I learned my lesson. I yank the guy out First and then try to let the girl out. Miss Sable taught me that.

In any case, all is now forgiven because our Sable has produced a beautiful boy who looks just like Mommy and Daddy. Way to go Sable but try to work on that ambivalence thing where the men are concerned Honey.

Still waiting on a cria from Cassy.