Alpaca Care DVD

 This DVD covers many different subjects and was filmed for over 2 years to get the best possible footage. The shearing and birth portions are particularly comprehensive. Our alpaca care DVD is only $60 per copy. Buy 5 for only $50 per copy. These DVDs also make great gifts for your new customers! See customer reviews at bottom of this page.

This alpaca DVD will actually save you a lot of money by helping you avoid costly beginner’s mistakes!

DVD Chapters (Topics:)

Labor and delivery
You will see the dam, 9 days
before the birth, 3 days before the birth,
in early labor through the delivery of the
placenta & beyond.
We show you how to give shots sub
cue, I.M. in chutes, against the fence,
or even on un-haltered, loose alpacas.
Trimming Toenails
We show how to trim your alpaca’s
Shearing Equipment
We show you how to assemble, adjust
and use cutters and shearers and talk
about which ones are best to use.
Alpaca Shearing
Expert shearing with voice-over narration
on how to do each part of the alpaca and
avoid ruining the fleece with second cuts.
Alpaca Breeding
We show you how to behavior test
females and make sure you have
good breeding.
Cria Birth
We show three newborn cria in this movie
including one premature, one normal,
and one larger & stronger than normal.
We explain what happens and show you
how the dam and cria “find” their way
to successful nursing and tell you
What Not to Do!
Cria Care
We show you how to dip the umbilical cord,
weigh cria, and track their progress.
Trimming Teeth
We explain why and how to trim teeth
and/or “fighting teeth” of your alpacas.
Drawing Blood
We show how we draw blood
for DNA or progesterone testing.
Fields, Hay, Feeding
We also talk about hay feeders & mineral

Here is an un-solicited testimonial from a recent customer, Becky Phillips of Peaceful Valley Alpacas in Minnesota.

“It’s fun, entertaining, and informative.  I felt we were back on your farm.  We will be watching it over and over until we can get all that you were showing.  One time just isn’t enough to get all the information you have to offer. “

Here are some comments from customer, Tara Beatty of Yellow Rose of Virginia Alpacas,”You all did a GREAT job on the video.
… terrific, great, educational, yet entertaining “

Tara also commented on how useful it was to see our footage of a llama with neurological damage caused by Meningeal worm and how using Kate McKelvie’s method of giving worming shots helped her to do her own more efficiently. She wrote:

“I decided last night to go in alone and do it like the other Kate. And guess what? I got the shot in! That was followed by a victory dance.”

Here is a comment from Unique Alpacas in Finland.

“It covered the basics widely and particularly the birthing bit was a great success amongst the training course attendees here.”