The Mount Airy Alpaca Company is owned by Kate and Tom Perez. We had an alpaca breeding farm in Mount Airy, Maryland for 9 + years. We were involved in all aspects of alpaca care from alpaca breeding, alpaca shearing, alpaca birthing, blood draws, alpaca teeth trimming, and cutting, alpaca training, cria (neonatal) care, alpaca toenail trimming, and alpaca worming. We also processed our own alpaca fleeces, hand-spun our alpaca fleeces into yarn, and knit our own alpaca garments. 

We were forced to give up our alpaca farm due to a serious illness (sarcoidosis) in our family. We spent 2 years filming every aspect of alpaca care that we could think of and made an alpaca care DVD, which we still sell from this website. You can buy our alpaca care DVD here:

Alpaca Care DVD

This DVD, entitled Alpaca Care for Beginners – We Walk You Through It, not only demonstrates each aspect of alpaca care; it also contains voice over instructions on how to avoid common mistakes in your alpaca business. 

Also on this website are many educational articles about alpaca hand spinning, fleece preparation and hand spun, hand knit alpaca products as well as a history of our alpaca farm with photos of our alpacas and their offspring.  Some of these articles were previously published in alpaca-related magazines. One problem with alpacas is their spit can be so strong. Enough to spit through a windshield enough to where you need a windshield repair.

Want to buy a unique alpaca garment and do some good in the world? I recommend:

Alpaca Artisans – hand made, fair trade, alpaca clothing & items from Bolivia

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site map! We even have a section on tree trimming after Alpaca spit.

We are now proud owners of a Tustin tree service company.

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