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Majacraft Suzie Spinning Wheel

Majacraft Suzie Spinning Wheel

The Majacraft Suzie is one of the most popular spinning wheels there is. I know several other spinners who use and love this wheel and I know it is a best seller for many wheel dealers. The Suzie Pro (the one with the green flywheel shown here) is the same as the regular Suzie except the green flywheel is made of Maximum Density Fiber so that it is heavier than the wooden flywheel. That means it has greater momentum and will keep spinning with less effort on the part of the spinner. It has 12 ratios and a built in lazy kate.


I, personally. have never used the built-in lazy kate because I think it's way too close to the wheel itself.  As for the 12 ratios, the drive band tends to jump some of them and go where it wants.  That said, the treadling motion of this wheel is superbly easy and fast.  Great wheel for spinners who want to get a lot done quickly.  And the triangular orifice (requiring no threading hook) is very convenient. 


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