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Hand Knit Alpaca Socks

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The alpaca socks above were knit from commercially spun alpaca yarn. Since I cannot hand spin enough alpaca yarn to fill my booth at the Sheep & Wool Festival, I often buy commercially spun yarns in bulk and re-sell them. There is no better gift for women who live in cold climates than alpaca socks! 


I feel that it's important to try these out myself by knitting and wearing them to make sure that they are what my customers want. I wear these socks a lot and they are super warm but still look pretty dressy. Unfortunately, they did not both hold up as well as I'd hoped.  I darned one of them twice. 

This is the problem with commercial alpaca yarn; there are often parts of the skein that are weaker than others.  This is because many different fleeces are pooled together to make huge quantities of yarn in this or that color.  They are matched in fineness but not in strength. One of these socks ended up wearing much better than the other. 

This problem can be solved by buying alpaca yarn that is all from one alpaca, but you will have to search out an alpaca farm that knows about fiber and sends fleeces out to be processed individually.  Of course, that alpaca yarn will not be as cheap as the imported alpaca yarn.  I think buying from an alpaca breeder who knows about their fleeces is worth paying for, but it isn't easy to find one. 

I used a pattern from the book, "Socks Soar on Two Circulars" by Cat Bordhi.


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