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hand spun alpaca shawl and hat

This hat and matching shawl were hand spun and hand knit from the fleece of our young alpaca herdsire, Nickleby. Nickleby is a "Rose Gray" so there is a good deal of purplish coloring throughout the gray fleece.


The shawl was a very simple pattern of YO , K to End and Turn work and repeat. There is no easier way to knit a shawl that I know of, and, while it's not as fancy as some patterns, I think it works well for a heavier yarn as well as weird, hairy yarns that don't show a pattern anyway. 

A lace pattern would not show up well with this type of bulky yarn. The edge was crocheted for a nicer finish. The shawl and the hat are very warm and they are sufficiently rustic to be different from the many, many, imported lace alpaca shaws.


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