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Arabesque a.k.a. Pinka

The photo below was used to produce the Flying Alpacas picture on our Kid's Page.

photo alpaca with cria

Arabesque (a.k.a. "Pinka") is shown above with her dam, Dancer.


Pinka came to us as a little, fluff ball. She never did grow to be very tall but she had nice proportions and a gorgeous, very dense and crimpy fleece. Her sire was Acero Marka's La Paz.

Pinka was such a love bug and very shy but she could jump straight up in the air and squeek if startled and this made for one or two sore people noses over the years. One of the first alpaca garments I ever made was a white alpaca vest made from Pinka (side 1) and Dancer (side 2) I had sold the rest of their fleeces but had enough left over for the vest.

Pinka won several blue ribbons for her fleeces and skeins. We took her to Rock Chimeny Farm near Lynchburg, Virginia to be bred to Alta Luna's Clipper in the fall of 2002. Pinka gave birth to a beautiful daughter for us and we named her Guenevere. After that, Pinka was sold to our good friends at Wildwood Alpacas in Virginia.

Below is proud mama Pinka with her first cria, Guenevere. Gwen had one brown spot on her knee to show that she did inherit the spotting gene from her grandmother Dancer and her great grandmother Delana.

Gwen's father was National Show Winner, Alta Luna's Clipper, owned by Rock Chimney Farm near Lynchburg, VA.

alpaca herdsire "alta luna's Clipper"


Here is a photo of Gwen and me at about age 1(Gwen is age 1, I, am considerably older)

What a good girl to win 1st place for us though!

photo alpaca in showring

Pinka was sold to my friends, Sue & Judy at Wildwood Alpacas in Virginia.Here is the male alpaca, Champ that Pinka gave birth to next,



Luckily,Sue and Judy are computer-savy gals, so you can catch up with Pinka's current cria and happy farm life at their web site.



Gwennie, Pinka's first daughter was sold to our friends Sue and Larry at Apple Valley Alpacas in Pennsylvania. Below is Gwen's first cria out of our alpaca herdsire Campion. Navaho Joe.

See that pattern gene repeating from Gwennie's great grand dam, to her grand dam, Dancer to her first cria?

photo patterned alpaca male


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