Jaymee, and a fawn father, Peruvian Challenger. We always said that, if we wanted to buy a breeding or another alpaca, we would look at our own alpaca customers first!

Why not give business back to those who have spent their money with us if they have what we want? Accordingly, we bought Jezebel as a maiden alpaca from our own customers, Brad & Terry Pitt. Jezebel had been brought to us for breeding to our alpaca herdsire, and I just fell in love with her. When Brad and Terry decided to sell her, I snatched this little fluff ball her up!

Jezebel produced a gorgeous, crimpy, fine male out of our own Campion in 2004. “Gryffindor” is pictured below.

Wanting to get a little more black in our herd, I next chose my friends (and former customers!) Kate & Scott McKelvie of Alpacas of Sunset Fields to go to for breeding.  We chose to their pretty blue ribbon winning alpaca herdsire, Knight of Camelot.   Jezebel and Camelot produced the cutest little cria, Rose’s Chloe, pictured below:

Jezebel was sold to Rose Page of Dameron Alpacas in Dameron, Maryland before Chloe’s birth but Chloe was born on our farm and you can see her on her first day of life as one of our newborn alpaca crias in our Alpaca Care DVD.

Jezebel later had another beautiful daughter, Sadie Bug out of our own alpaca herdsire Nickleby for her new owner, Rose, but this time, Nickle did the color trick and Sadie Bug is a Rose Gray alpaca.