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I made this hand spun alpaca hat for my daughter, but she wasn't too crazy about it. My sister promptly claimed it for herself so that worked out. The white yarn is hand spun alpaca but the other 3 colors are commercial yarns. I wasn't too happy about the way the different textures of yarns caused the stitches to look uneven on the white part of the hat. The lighter colored purple yarn is very stiff and a little shiny and it had no give at all so it kind of stretches the stuff around it. I wouldn't do this mix again but, hopefully, with wear, the hat will fuzz up a little and hide some of the flaws.



Tulip pattern was from Nicky Epstein's book, "Knitting Over the Edge." I highly recommend that book to anyone looking for a lot of cute, repeating pattern charts. People sometimes ask me why I hardly ever use ribbing on the bottom edge of my hats. I think that ribbing looks nice but it can be uncomfortable. Even though the alpaca yarn is soft, if the hat presses your own hair against your forehead, it will itch. The rolled brim can be adjusted to avoid that.


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