Along with her friend, AF Morgan, AF Creampuff (pictured above with her first daughter, “Galadriel”) was bought from our good friend, Bud Griffith, – owner of Alpaca Farms in Pennsylvania. Bud was the first alpaca breeder on the East Coast and knows practically all there is to know about alpacas. He is also a charming, honest person.

Creampuff is the daughter of Phydeau a white sire born in the U.S. and Peruvian Rafaela, a medium fawn from Peru. She is now owned by our good friends, Susan and Larry Burkins of Apple Valley Alpacas in Pennsylvania.

Galadriel has her own page on our site, so just click on her name to see her offspring.  Meanwhile, here is a photo of Creampuff in her home at Apple Valley Alpacas.  One of the two light fawn crias pictured below is hers but I can’t remember which one.