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Handspun Alpaca Yarns

Huacaya alpaca will not take color as vibrantly as Suri alpaca, but it will take color well enough to make pretty colored yarns. The gray yarn above is a natural color, hand spun from my herdsire, Nickleby. The bright pink yarn was dyed with cherry Kool Aid as prepared fleece and then spun into yarn. the Yellow yarn was dyed using a commercial dye (Cushings Perfection Dye - "Canary") but I added some Grape Kool Aid to tone down the brightness of the yellow and get a more muted color. You see on each skein of hand spun alpaca yarn, the sticker for Frederick County's "Home Grown Here" logo. We try to let our customers know that these yarns and other products are made solely on the farm from growing the alpaca, shearing the alpaca, processing the fleece, hand spinning the fleece and selling the final product.



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